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Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Real Fire vs. Gas & Electric Options

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The fireplace and the technology behind it have come a long way. Today’s consumers can choose clean-burning and money-saving options in gas and electric or purchase high-efficiency inserts to use within their own traditional fireplaces. With so many options, one ought to consider whether the benefits of a wood-burning fireplace outweigh the convenience and efficiency of electric and gas.

A real fire is a mesmerizing experience. As sophisticated as newer gas and electric products are, you can’t fully replicate nature—yet if you can forgo the crackle and aromatic odor, there are attractive alternatives in gas and electric that turn on with a flip of a switch or a remote control kept next to your bed.

Perhaps the best solution is both. Today you can buy clean-burning logs and upgrade your wood fireplace to be more efficient. Then, consider adding gas or electric to other areas of your home. Just imagine how relaxing your bath would be with any kind of fireplace.